House Painting Tips

We all have a dream, a dream to own our own house. The architectural, landscape and interior design is what we daydream about. Now that you got the chance, you want your house to be perfect. A lot has to be taken into consideration including painting. If you also have an old house you want to repaint to enhance its look then this is the guide for you. A guide to make painting smoother and faster before and when painting.


It is very useful to plan, this helps in looking for the right paint colors for your home décor. Get a sample of the paint color you want. It is also good to know that there are different types of paint: water based latex and oil based alkyd which is more appropriate to your wall.

Preparing for the painting
It is good to buy all products necessary for your paintings from the brushes to the paint itself before the day you are painting.

This is the most essential thing. You need to learn the skills in painting. The main aspect of a beautiful looking house is the painting skills.

Always roll the full height of painting
If you don’t do these, what happens is, it forms some ugly, uneven paint buildup. Always maintain a wet edge and make sure you roll from up to down then move over slightly then do the same. Always ensure the roller is never dry and put less pressure on the roller.

Mix paint on a larger bucket
For consistency, it is wise to mix paint on a larger bucket. Always mix together all the paints. The paints in each bucket may have the same color but can have a bit of difference. You can always put back the remaining paint to the can.

Cut tape when paint is dry
This is to ensure a perfect edge. Only when the paint is dry, you can pull out the tape at a 45 degree angle. Before pulling first cut the tape.

Paint the trim first
It is much easier to first start by painting the trim, wall then ceilings and after it is dry you can tape them off.

Roll on primer over patches
After painting the wall, it looks blotchy. It usually covers on holes and cracks. What you do is patch it with a drywall compound, they are good because they absorb the paint. After that, the paint buildup just stick out. You later apply a primer coat which makes the painting consistent.

Clean the dirty area
You can use the heavy duty cleaner. They clean painted surfaces without spoiling the surfaces. You should wipe in a circular motion using an abrasive pad. You should start wiping from the bottom to the top, after cleaning smoothen than paint.

Protect the floor with cotton drop cloth
Many people make the mistake of protecting their floors with plastic. It should be noted regardless of how careful you are, spills are inevitable. The thick canvas does not get displaced easily and hence no need to tape it, it also dries up when the paint spills. Plastic drop cloths on the other hand is slippery and the paint when spilled, does not dry off.


Feather out paint
In large areas it is good to use large rollers, this way you are able to minimize lap mark, when painting , paint in different directions along dry edge, when applying the second paint do it in the opposite direction, this will ensure no lap marks.

Before you know it your wall is well painted ensure you have worn all protective clothes for your safety. Always take care of your painted walls.