House Painting Tips

We all have a dream, a dream to own our own house. The architectural, landscape and interior design is what we daydream about. Now that you got the chance, you want your house to be perfect. A lot has to be taken into consideration including painting. If you also have an old house you want to repaint to enhance its look then this is the guide for you. A guide to make painting smoother and faster before and when painting.


It is very useful to plan, this helps in looking for the right paint colors for your home décor. Get a sample of the paint color you want. It is also good to know that there are different types of paint: water based latex and oil based alkyd which is more appropriate to your wall.

Preparing for the painting
It is good to buy all products necessary for your paintings from the brushes to the paint itself before the day you are painting.

This is the most essential thing. You need to learn the skills in painting. The main aspect of a beautiful looking house is the painting skills.

Always roll the full height of painting
If you don’t do these, what happens is, it forms some ugly, uneven paint buildup. Always maintain a wet edge and make sure you roll from up to down then move over slightly then do the same. Always ensure the roller is never dry and put less pressure on the roller.

Mix paint on a larger bucket
For consistency, it is wise to mix paint on a larger bucket. Always mix together all the paints. The paints in each bucket may have the same color but can have a bit of difference. You can always put back the remaining paint to the can.

Cut tape when paint is dry
This is to ensure a perfect edge. Only when the paint is dry, you can pull out the tape at a 45 degree angle. Before pulling first cut the tape.

Paint the trim first
It is much easier to first start by painting the trim, wall then ceilings and after it is dry you can tape them off.

Roll on primer over patches
After painting the wall, it looks blotchy. It usually covers on holes and cracks. What you do is patch it with a drywall compound, they are good because they absorb the paint. After that, the paint buildup just stick out. You later apply a primer coat which makes the painting consistent.

Clean the dirty area
You can use the heavy duty cleaner. They clean painted surfaces without spoiling the surfaces. You should wipe in a circular motion using an abrasive pad. You should start wiping from the bottom to the top, after cleaning smoothen than paint.

Protect the floor with cotton drop cloth
Many people make the mistake of protecting their floors with plastic. It should be noted regardless of how careful you are, spills are inevitable. The thick canvas does not get displaced easily and hence no need to tape it, it also dries up when the paint spills. Plastic drop cloths on the other hand is slippery and the paint when spilled, does not dry off.


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How to create a great garden

It can be great fun to keep a garden and managing one can be an exciting thing to do. However, it can also be difficult and there can be problems that may arrive when you are trying to maintain a garden. In this article we will outline a selection of things to consider when creating the best garden. We will also take a look at the best things to consider if you want to stand out from the crowd and create a garden that is healthy and stunning.


Invest in quality garden tools

If you want your garden to look sparkling and fabulous then you need to invest in the best tools possible. Rakes, wheelbarrows and a selection of digging tools should all be considered and these should be of a high quality. You should also consider special types of compost and other general things that you will need to use on a regular basis, whilst caring for your garden.

Hang night lights and other features

Hanging decorations in your garden can make it stand out effectively and it can be a good idea to invest in things that will help the garden to sparkle. Night lights can be hung from trees and from walls in the garden and will make the space look great in the evenings. This means that you will be able to enjoy evenings in the garden when you are having a barbecue.

Get rid of slugs

Slugs can be a serious problem if you are trying to care for a wonderful garden and they can get everywhere. It is therefore a good idea to find a way in which to tackle them. Getting beer is one thing that a slug loves, and this will be a great way in which to get rid of them. Find a container and fill it with beer. Then place it somewhere obvious in the garden so that the slugs can access it.
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How to Dress Up for an Anniversary

dressLife can be fun at any occasion. Furthermore, a woman’s style can be classy with the right dress and right combination of jewellery. You can bring out your free spirit with fashion. There is also a certain style that goes well with anniversaries.

Similarly, there are a number of options to go for when choosing an anniversary dress. You may choose that black dress or digress from this safe colour to others like purple. All in all, what you want is to be the centre of attraction and be outstanding.

A purple dress is more of a modern choice, and it goes with a range of jewellery. There are a number of brands to go for too.
Besides, black and purple are not the only options. You can choose to go with gleaming colours such as pink, peach and purple. If you want to stay close to formal wear, you can choose to wear black or red for your anniversary. If anything, you want a classic appeal. Be it short or long, the dress should be nothing short of elegant. It is also a great choice to go for a patterned or white dress.

The most outstanding look for your anniversary is definitely a modern and classic look. In addition, a number of evening dresses will go well with your anniversary. You can go for a long sleeved dress for a chilly night out and especially when you do not want to cover your dress.

The right look is everything during this day. That is why it is best to go with what makes you comfortable. There is nothing wrong with trying that short sleeved or one-shoulder dress. You can also go for three-quarter sleeve dress for that refined look.
anniversaryStill, it is okay to complement the dress with jewellery, a blazer or shawl. Rocking a blazer gives you a conventional look for your anniversary party. If you want jewellery to stand out, you can go for jewellery that is a lighter shade of the dress or a different contrasting colour. Furthermore, a shawl comes in handy when it becomes chilly and equally adds to a graceful touch.

As for jewellery, do not shy away from trying necklaces, earrings and bracelets. As well, there is an alternative of wearing embroidered dresses. A long dress can look elegant whereas short dresses can instantly elevate your looks.

For a party, you can show off the happy mood with a number of designer dresses. The dresses that suit this include silk, embroideries, sequins, dusk colours and more. You can further find these at several stores. If you are undecided, there is the neutral choice of going for a short black dress. This is a fashionable outfit that never goes out of style. It can hide extra weight to give you an exquisite look.

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